Iceland’s public transport is also very general, and Iceland is mostly a natural tourist attraction, far from the city, there is no direct public transport. The most basic form of tourism is the newspaper group, which can report one group every day after going there. Different scenic spots have different groups, because most of them are far apart.

Iceland’s place names are very long and look similar. it’s unrealistic to expect to see the signs to find their own way. and don’t just drive out of the road because it’s a four-wheel drive. Never underestimate how deep the snow is.

Residence clubs are more appropriate, and the important thing is that they are cheaper. Most of the accommodation clubs provide buffet breakfast.

It’s silly to go out to sea in cold weather just to catch a glimpse of whales you don’t know you can see.

It’s really cold. So you have to wear more thick clothes. Other weather-related activities, such as horse riding, should be put in the early stages of the journey. Iceland’s weather is unpredictable. Also, raincoats must be brought when you go in winter. Umbrella doesn’t work in Iceland at all, and many of the so-called waterproof clothes on the market are useless in Iceland.

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