The hundreds of billions of suns make up our Milky way, a barred spiral galaxy with a diameter of 100,000 light years. These suns vary in size, vary in brightness, and vary in age. At the same time, new stars are countinuing to join the family. Today, the speed of the Milky Way’s star-making is still not showing signs of slowing down. Spanish astronomer Cristina Martinez-Lombilla announced in the European Astronomical Week and space Science magazine that her research team found that the size of the Milky Way is growing due to the addition of new stars, and the boundaries of the Milky Way are slowly expanding.

The distribution of the Milky way stars has certain characteristics. Most of the low quality old stars are connected in the silver heart and the silver halo, while the young stars mostly appear in the spiral arms of the silver plate. Some of the new stars are born at the edge of the silver plate. Martinez- Lombilla et al. studied the impact of these new members on the size of the galaxy.

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