Kawagbo Peak. There are 13 peaks in Meili snow Mountain. Kawagbo Peak is the highest one with an evevation of 6740 meters. Kawagbo Peak is a pilgrimage shrine of Tibetan Buddhism and the patron saint of the Ningma branch of Tibetan Buddhism, Gajuba. Known as the “God of snow Mountain”, Kawagbo is well-known in the world as “the first of the eight sacred mountains in Tibet”. 

Gongga Mountains is the highest peak of Hengduan Mountain and the first peak in southwest China. it is also one of the world’s famous peaks. Gongga Mountain is 7556 meters above sea level. Mountainous areas with high peaks, deep ice and snow, and dangerous obstacles, are one of the most developed mountains in China’s marine mountain glaciers, and play an important role in mountain climbing and scientific research.

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