Entertainment doesn’t just have to come in the forms of watching people perform in sports, movies, or music, and it also goes beyond reading. Life requires entertainment in order to relax, get excited, and take a break from the details that make life boring, stressful, and just plain annoying. When a person is away from other people for a long period of time, what happens? That person goes crazy. There is almost too much evidence of people hallucinating when they are alone and away from the entertainment that comes with communicating with other people and the simple entertainment of looking at someone’s face. The mind’s imagination proves that we cannot go without entertainment, because we start to make things up when waiting in line for coffee. When in the waiting-room at the hospital we tend to make stuff up that scares us, or we think about something calming in order to not cry and scream. While entertainment today feels more complex than the imagination, it really makes us too lazy to dream something up on our own.

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