Antarctica’s 14 million square kilometers of land is almost completely covered by a few hundred to serval thousand meters of thick ice. The temperature here has reached minus 50 degrees, and everything has lost vitality here. But just in this snowy place, scientists accidentally found the frozen lake. The area of this frozen lake is over 2,500 square kilometers.  

In 1960, Japanese scholar Torii analyzed the measurement data and found that the water temperature under the thin ice layer on the surface of the lake was about 0 Celsius. As the depth increased, the water temperature continued to increase. At a depth of 16 meters, the water temperature rose to 7.7 Celsius. This temperature remained steadily to a depth of 40 meters. Below 40 meters, the water temperature slowly rises. To a depth of 50 meters, the increase in water temperature suddenly intensified. To the depth of 66 meters, the water temperature was as high as 25 Celsius. 

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