Admittedly, ice climbing is a cool thing. When every inch of muscle in the body is mobilized again and again, the crystal clear vertical ice wall can be approached from almost zero distance. However, what is cooler than ice climbing in the world is the stories buried one after the other. 

Ice climbing is a sport with a special road condition, which requires climbing or walking on slippery, hard ice surface. It is impossible for ordinary shoes to achieve such activity, and the crampons came into being. As early as the 16th century, the clever alpine people had laid the groundwork for the birth of ice climbing in their lives, that is, the earliest prototype of the ice claw appeared. regarded itv

In the 16th century, people did not appreciate the seductive power of the mountain peaks, but regarded it as a danger. along with the change of ideas, the modern ice-climbing movement slowly emerged in Europe in 1786 and groped for 122 years in the dark. In the past, climbers could only struggle with the chopping steps to walk on the ice. It was not until 1908 that British climbing pioneer and engineer Oscar Ekenstein invented the 10-tooth crampons, which changed the situation.

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