Students who have studied Spanish have heard a saying from teachers that Spanish is the language of communication with God. This is not a nonsensical word, because in Spain there are too many miracles created by God alone. For example, there is a strange beach on the coast of Lugo in Galicia, northern Spain. It is called the beach of Carteleles, Commonly known as the Cathedral Beach and the arch Bridge Beach. 

Carter Les Beach has been repeatedly rated as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world by major media. It is not hard to imagine that such a name must be because the beach looks like a church. Although it is not a true church, on this beach, the rock looks strange and has an amazing number.

Because of its unique geographical location and the large daily tidal water level drop, if you really want to walk in, you can only wait until the seawater ebbs. The locals also call each cave as God’s “eyes”. These caves can reach up to 30 meters in height. You can clearly hear the sound of the beating of the waves due to the sound waves being bounced by natural caves. It is as if nature is recitation of the book of songs.

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