Whether it is because of the deteriorating environment of the earth, or human beings’ quest for novelty, we all expect to be able to visit other planets. Scientists are constantly doing their best to realize this desire.

Although the results have not yet appeared, scientists have never given up. However, in the process, scientists have discovered many potential planets, such as Mars, Titan, Kepler 452b. Titan belongs to the moon, while Mars and Kepler 452b belong to the planet. In particular, the Kepler-452b planet has received nicknames such as “Second Earth” and “Cousin of the Earth”.

But scientists recently gave Kepler-452b the title of a new planet. so why does if fascinate scientists so much? Let’s take a look at this planet together.

This planet is named LHS1140b. scientists observed it with an astronomical telescope and found that its mass was about 7 times that of the earth. And it looks like the planet is rocky, and it orbits a star. The distance between the two planets has just made the planet’s temperature habitable. Therefore, the surface temperature of LHS1140b will not be too hot or cold, and it is in the best state of life.

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