In short, “movie” is a modern art that combines sight and hearing. But “movies” are not just movies. Comedy movies can bring you happiness; inspirational movies can bring you fear; science fiction movies can bring you imagination and so on. “The Day after Tomorrow” that is thought provoking. I hope you can understand something from it.

At the beginning of the film, scientist jack and his team drilled the ice to get data on the thick ice. Suddenly collapse occurred, and the entire ice layer broke, extending a bottomless gully. This picture was really frightening. With in-depth research, Mike discovered the secret of the entire ice layer change, observed the accumulation of greenhouse gas in the ice core, and could not help but made a bold prediction: “we are about to usher in the ice age, if we do not taken action, we will pay a heavy price.” But the Vice President did not take his words to heart. He believed that the economy was as fragile as the environment.

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