Any satellite communication line includes an originating and receiving ground station, an upline and a downlink, and a communications satellite repeater. It can be seen that the ground station is an important part of the satellite communication system. The basic function of ground stations is to transmit signals to satelites and receive signals transmitted by other ground stations via satelites. Ground stations for various purpose vary slightly, but the infrastructure is the same.

According to the nature of the satellite communication system and the different purpose, there may be different forms of ground stations, such as: according to the site of the foot, G/T value size, purpose, antenna diameter and transmission signal characteristics and other methods to classify. By site characteristics it can be divided into fixed station, mobile station(such as shipborne station, airborne station and vehicle-mounted station, etc.) and detachable station (station that can disassemble the transfer site in a short time). The fixed foot stations can be divided into large standard stations and small non -standard stations. Mobile ground station, especially vehicle station, is widely used in military communication because of its flexibility.

According to the purpose it can be divided into civil, military, broadcasting, navigation, experiment and other ground stations. By antenna aperture It can be divided into 1 meter station, 5 meter station, 10 meter station and 30 meter station, Press transmission signal It can be divided into analog communication station and digital communication station.

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