The structure of the rowing boat is characterized by its narrow and long hull and thin ends. People describe it as a weaving shuttle. The specifications of the rowing boat are very strange. a single rowing boat is about  meters long, but the horizontal measurement is not as good as the shoulder width of the athlete. The total weight of the boat is only 15-16 kg. The eight-person boat is extraordinarily long. It stands up to a five-story building and is 17 to 19 meters long. its width is only about 0.60 meters.

 The reason why the rowing boat is made narrow and long is mainly to make the null more conform to the streamlined body, and at the same time have a large buoyancy. The eight prize winners plus one helmsman of an eight-person rowing boat have a total of nine athletes and weigh about 700 to 800 kilograms. But all sitting on the fly, the draught of the rowing boat did not change much when compared to the empty boat. Especially due to the long hull, although the paddle paddles a lot, and the athletes move forward and backward while sitting on the slide, the bow and stern will not be too big. The hull of such a structure can move relatively evenly because the resistance changes little during the forward movement.

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