This European hedgehog may look cute, but getting too close would be a problem. About 7,000 spiky quills cover its body. When they’re attacked by predators such as owls, hedgehogs curl up into prickly balls-ouch!-that are nearly impossible to budge. Badgers are one of the few predators strong enough to Continue Reading


Hares, beware! This critter could be your enemy. Silent and sneaky, the foot-long ermine can pounce on prey that’s larger than it is, such as an arctic hare. The stealthy stalker gets help from its changing coat, which is white during winter and brown in spring and summer-perfect for blending Continue Reading


A howl from a coyote pup may sound more like a high-pitched squeal, but hearing howls from the entire pack can sound a little spooky. Don’t worry-they’re mostly just checking on their pals. Coyotes use certain types of vocalizations to communicate in different situations. one type of howl rallies the Continue Reading


This calf may help its buddies take over the world! About one billion cows live on Earth-that’s three times as many cows as people in the united States. In fact, cows outnumber people in some U.S.states, including Oklahoma and Idaho.


The wool from these adorable lambs is used to make carpets, but wool from other kinds of sheep is often used to make clothing. Depending on the breed, one sheep can produce enough wool each year for about 10 sweaters. They keep you warm your heart.


Here the sound of a saw being sharpened on a stone? If you’re in the woods of the western and northeastern United States or Caanada.it could be the alarm call of a saw-whet owl. This bird may be small, but the seven-to-eight-inch-tall owl is a swift and fierce night hunter, Continue Reading